A quick disclaimer here- I don't endorse sites, tools, products, or books/videos that I haven't personally visited, used, tested, or read/seen and felt worthy of mention here on my site. I have taken a lot of rabbit trails, wasted lots of time and money and made a lot of mistakes in my short journey thus far. I promise to do my best to help you avoid some of my rabbit trails and point you in the best direction possible.

Who Do i call when I get stuck? 

As part of the Community Toolchest initiative, donors have offered their time and expertise to answer your questions. Click Here to get connected.

Get Grandpa's tools professionally restored

Lone Pine Toolworks Ted restores the full range of hand tools but does an especially great job on egg beater drills

Time Tested Tools Don Wilwol does a fantastic job restoring all kinds of tools, specializing in hand planes

Bad Axe Tool Works Send Mark your hand saws that need sharpening or full restoration

Get connected in these Great Online Communities

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Facebook.com The Woodworking Collective

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Christopher Schwarz Blog

Texas Heritage Woodworks Blog

She Works Wood

The Unplugged Woodshop

Tom's Workbench

Paul Sellers Blog

Popular Woodworking Editor's Blog

Learn Woodwork Video Blog

Over the Wireless Blog

The Wooden Atelier

Great Woodworking Books

The Anarchist's Tool Chest- Chris Schwarz

The Joiner And Cabinet Maker- Anonymous, Chris Schwarz, Joel Moskowitz

The Essential Woodworker- Robert Wearing

Woodworker's Guide to Handplanes- Scott Wynn

The New Traditional Woodworker- Jim Tolpin

The Unplugged Workshop- Tom Fidgin

The Perfect Edge- Ron Hock

Why We Make Things and Why it Matters- Peter Korn

Great Videos/Shows

The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill

Lie-Nielsen Youtube Channel

The Heritage School of Woodworking Online Video Courses with Frank Strazza

The Naked Woodworker by Lost Art Press

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan

Hand Cut and Advanced Hand Cut Dovetails with Rob Cosman

Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon with Rob Cosman

Rough to Ready with Rob Cosman

Hand Plane Essentials with Rob Cosman

Build a Sawbench with Chris Schwarz

Drawer Making with Rob Cosman

Buy Great New Tools From Makers and sellers I Stand Behind

Tools For Working Wood

Bad Axe Tools

Sterling Toolworks

Texas Heritage Woodworks

Hamilton Woodworks

Hock Tools

Scott Meek Planes

Crown Planes

Caleb James Planemaker

Chris Vesper Tools

Lee Valley Veritas

Lie-Neilsen Toolworks

Blue Spruce Toolworks

Craftsman Studios