Welcome to AnneOfAllTrades.com! I've become "Anne of All Trades" with the goal of gaining and sharing knowledge and living as an example to empower and inspire my peers to get outside, to take risks, to pick up tools and explore their own creativity. I strongly believe that folks seeing real people, who look like them, really doing things is hugely powerful when it comes to having a sense of personal empowerment to try things on their own. The moniker "AnneOfAllTrades" is not meant to glorify me for being especially skilled at anything I do (in fact, following along, I hope to make you laugh and cry with me about my many many many disastrous experiments and failed attempts in various ventures), but rather, to highlight the fact that I've made it my life's mission to learn how to do any and everything I can myself ane to source things I need as locally as possible. This site is a chronicle of my journey to make the most of every moment I've got; rather than waiting until I can afford to do this or that, or until I retire so I'll have time to do what I want.  An ideal life, for me, would consist of days spent using the gifts God has given me building relationships, working hard being creative and productive, growing food, loving on my animals, and trading or bartering with others within my community for the goods and services I can't produce myself. Ghandi said it best: "Be the change you want to see in the world." My dream is to live in a world that operates not simply on paper money but on people, time and reclaiming a set of disappearing life skills. If I can spend my time doing things myself, or if I can source things within my community, relationship can be just as much a commodity as dollars. I won't have to spend my time working a soul-crushing job to be able to pay someone else to do, fix, or make things for me. When my time is my own, I can spend it how I want. I will have time to learn and teach antiquated skills. If you'd like to join me on this journey, subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram @anneofalltrades, or find me on YouTube as Anne of All Trades. 

I'm currently in the process of writing a book chronicling my metamorphosis from a city-dwelling millennial working in a soul-crushing job in the tech industry to a full time woodworker and organic farmer. I've made some major changes in my life, my buying habits, and altered my perspective on what's important in life significantly. Five years ago, I picked up my first tool. My first woodworking project led to another and another after that. The gratification I experienced working with my hands in the woodworking shop expanded outside the garage and I convinced my husband Adam to let me get chickens. One thing led to another, and a couple years later we lived on a farm, I'd built most of the furniture we owned, and I wouldn't trade this new life for the world.