Building a Salmon Ladder

In this week's video I set out to answer one simple question: Can tape hold up a salmon ladder? This was a fun, silly project that, for some reason, has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’m hugely grateful to Diablo tools for their continued support in providing high quality, affordable cutting and abrasive tools and to Eastwood, who sent me a Versa plasma cutter to learn how to plasma cut. Though I’ve got a lot of practice I still need to do, the biggest thing I learned was the importance of adjusting the cutting temperature to accommodate for steel thickness. My first piece needed a lot of grinding for that very reason. One of the major motivators for this doing this project was a bet with a good friend of mine- I bet him that we could hang and support the entire Salmon Ladder system using just tape. And- I did. Three lines of VHB tape per side can safely suspend a body mid-air with plenty of jarring around. Granted, the steel for the project and my time making it FAR outweighed the $5 bet, but that doesn’t make winning any less sweet. And here’s the other thing about this project: I’ve always loved doing pullups. I’ve been pretty small my entire life, and I got picked on for my size a ton when I was a kid, so I always wanted to be really strong to make up for my height deficiencies. Being able to do a pull-up has always made me feel really strong, so I figured my shop was a great place to put a pull-up bar, and a great excuse to do a quick pull up every time I walked past. What’s more extreme and more awesome than a pullup bar? A salmon ladder! The only unfortunate part is that apparently, I’m not NEARLY strong enough to use it. I was, thankfully, however, able to find a few strong friends to prove not only that my salmon ladder design works, but also, that construction tape works wonders to affix ridiculous dreams to the walls.

Posted on July 23, 2019 .