$2 Nighstand Build!


My new apprentice Isaac needs some furniture. We need to build some basic skill-building projects, and outfitting he and his wife Ashleigh's new apartment is a perfect way to do so. Side Table, Nighstand, Bedside Table, end table, whatever you like to call it, we designed these super simple DIY Live Edge Side Tables to be cut from a single sheet of plywood and added the live edge top and shelf for an extra pop that makes them really special. In this video we go over cutting dadoes, reinforcing with dominoes, sizing, flattening, and finishing a live edge top, as well as attaching it to the base to accommodate wood movement and seasonal changes in the solid wood top. This is a fairly easy project that can be accomplished with a table saw, a dado stack and a handplane. Though I don't often work with plywood, Ashleigh wanted a painted base, so it didn't make sense to build these from solid wood. Plus, stylish furniture that's built to last? A fun side note is that we actually got the plywood in the discount section at Home Depot for $0.50 a sheet, the spalted maple came from the stack I’ve got drying in the barn, the scraps of angle iron were from the blacksmith shop build, and the stain he had leftover from refinishing a bookshelf. Oh and 8 dominoes per stand, so all in I think we were about $2 per stand, plus a little elbow grease.

Posted on July 4, 2019 .